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Monday, September 24, 2007

It is not right my dear saints!

Politicians have created an unnecessary controversy on Ramsetu. Indian Govt filed an affidavit in the court on this issue and declared that Ram did not exist. Did the Govt not know that Ram is worshiped by Hindus as an incarnation of God and any such declaration will hurt them and politicians will exploit it to their advantage. When Hindus expressed their hurt Govt withdrew the affidavit. Then Tamilnadu CM, Karunanidhi, used abusive language about Ram. It was totally unnecessary. What he meant to achieve by abusing Ram? Now a group of saints in Ayodhya have come out with a statement that anybody beheading Tamilnadu CM will be weighed in Gold.

No, this is not right. I request saints to desist from such statements. Hinduism teaches tolerance. This is not the first time when people have attacked Hindus and Hinduism.If Karunanidhi thinks that he will get happiness by abusing Ram then let him do it. It will be between him and Ram. Ram is every Hindu's ideal. Ram will take care of Himself. Let us follow His ideals and follow His policy of forgiveness. This is what Ram has taught us and this is how we should behave. Love all, hate none.

Added on 24.09.2007

Senior VHP leader Ram Vilas Vedanti has denied having issued any fatwa against Karunanidhi for latter's abusive comments on Lord Rama. He claims that media has twisted his remarks. If he is right then media should be ashamed of themselves. This news triggered violence in Chennai. It could have spread to other cities.

But Vedanti has issued a confusing statement. He claims to have said - "The religious books and Gita say that a person indulging in blasphemy should be sentenced to death and his toungue should be cut off". Now he says that he still stands by his earlier statement. I am not a scholar but I have not read what he says in any religious book or Gita.

Added on 25.09.2007

DMK has asked to file a criminal case against Vedanti for his asking for beheading of Karunanidhi. This is after Vedanti has clarified that he did not made any such statement.

Now what about Karunanidhi abusing Ram and hurting religious feelings of Hindus? Is there any law in this country against hurting of Hindus' religious feelings, or religious feelings of Muslims and Christians are only to be respected? Vedanti has at least said that he did not make such statement, but Karunanidhi has not shown any regret on his abusing Ram. I am a Hindu and my feelings have been hurt by Karunanidhi.

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