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Monday, September 24, 2007

Is food Hindu or Muslim?

In India, state Govts provide free mid day meals to students in Govt schools. These meals are cooked by organizations who are given contract for this purpose. Iskon is one organization which supplies food to schools. Their kitchens are having a certified food safety management systems as per ISO 22000 standard.

In one school where Iskon supplies the food, parents of Muslim students asked their children not to eat that food as it has been supplied by a Hindu organization. This is so illogical that I do not know what to say. To what limits these people will go. They have given communal colour to food also. Is food Hindu or Muslim?

I will like to ask a question. Can a Hindu (or a Muslim) claim that the food he ate was prepared by only by a Hindu (or a Muslim). In other words during the entire process of food preparation, from field to dining table, only people belonging to one faith only contributed. At no stage people of other faith were involved. Is it possible?

I believe that Islam is a religion of universal brotherhood, but some of its followers only create hatred about other faiths. Poisoning kids mind by such teaching is not good for any society. Will such kids grow up to become productive citizens or terrorists?


Mukesh said...

Thanks for raising such issue for discussion. It is yet another example of narrow-mindedness of some Muslims, who are hell bent on created hatred in society on the basis of religion.

Lalit said...

It is unfortunate but true that there are people who will misuse religion to this extent. These hate mongers are a threat to a civilized society.