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हमारे मन में सबके प्रति प्रेम, सहानुभूति, मित्रता और शांतिपूर्वक साथ रहने का भाव हो.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What is the religion of God?

Can anybody answer these questions?

Is God Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian?

We have air, water and sunlight. Which portion of these has been sent by Hindu God, Muslim God, Sikh God or Christian God?

When temperature is high, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians suffer alike. Why can't they ask their own God to send some cold air for them?

If our Gods are different then we should not we ask them to colour our blood differently?

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Rakesh said...

I will answer this question. God is one and is not bound by any religion. Religions are made by human beings. It is human foolishness to fight in the name of religion, and also in the name of God. They think that they are serving their God but in fact they are insulting the God.