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हमारे मन में सबके प्रति प्रेम, सहानुभूति, मित्रता और शांतिपूर्वक साथ रहने का भाव हो.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Religious intolerance!!

All religions teach tolerance, but in practice people, all over the world, are displaying religious intolerance. Even on a slight comment about their religion, they will flare up and start protesting. In majority of cases these protests will turn violant resulting in human and financial losses. Why people do it?

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Suresh Gupta said...

I am a Hindu but others should see me as a person, a fellow human being.
My religion, my language, my life-style, my food habits etc., are my personal traits.
My personal traits support and strengthen my relationship of love, compassion and honour with all.
May God give me strength to improve quality of life of fellow human beings.