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Friday, November 30, 2007

Are you in White Book of God?

Mr. Jain was very happy when he told me that he had convinced big boss to cancel my tour programme to Bangalore, and now I should understand who is the boss, me or he. I was surprised as to how big boss allowed Jain to convince him to make a wrong decision. I was going to Bangalore to attend a seminar which was co-spomsored by my office. I had done lot of work to make the seminar a success. I was worried that what participants will say when they will not find me there. I was also worried that entire responsibility of organizing the seminar will come on the other sponsor. Coming days were really bad. Lot of inconvenient phone calls and fax messages. The person inaugrating the seminar even complained to the big boss. Big boss called me . He was very angry. I reminded him that he himself had cancelled my tour programme. This made him more angry. Later I came to know that Jain had a very tough time.

This incident made me think. Why jain did it? There was no point proving to me who is the boss. He was senior to me and everybody knew it. I am a religious person. I accept all situations as result of my Karma in this and previous births. We do our Karma and God decides the result. I was at peace but I wanted an answer to the question, 'why Jain did it?' In other words, 'why God used Jain as an instruement to put me to lot of inconvenience?' What I received was the result of my Karma. How Jain got into it?

I was thinking, thinking and thinking. One fine morning the amswer was there. God decides the result of our Karma. The justice, reward or punishment, is to be delivered. For us, the little sinners, God uses other people to deliver the justice. For big sinners like Ravana and Kansa, He comes Himself. So Jain was the justice delivery boy. I told him so. jokingly I told him that God has written his name in His Black Book. God has assigned him the job of delivering punishments to other people. This means that God does not have a good opinion about him. He laughed and went away.

I was surprised when after two days Jain came to me and said that he had been thinking about it and what I said is right. He could not remember when he did some good to someone in his life. There were many instances when he did bad to others. He said that he was convinced that God has entered his name in His Black Book. I told him that as now he realizes it he should work in a positive manner so that God transfers his name to His White Book, and start assigning him jobs of delivering rewards. Jain said, nahin yaar isme bahut maza aata hai. Ab achcha bankar kya karenge.

Friends, you are in which book, White or Black?

This morning I received an e-mail from Susan Jeffers. She has given an example of those who are in the White Book. She calls them Angels. I will like to share this example with you:

"I was standing in a pharmacy I rarely go into when I overheard an elderly women telling the pharmacist that she needed her prescription filled but she didn't have her wallet with her. She explained that she needed the medicine very badly to ease her pain and she would bring the money in later, but the pharmacist wouldn't fill her prescription without payment.

Without hesitation, I heard this voice from within myself saying, "I'll pay for your prescription." And I instantly pulled my credit card out of my handbag and handed it to the pharmacist. The elderly woman turned around and looked at me in amazement and exclaimed, "Are you an Angel? I just know that God sent you to me."

I answered, "I never thought of myself as an Angel, but maybe God did send me to you. After all, how come I showed up here just when you needed me?" And I thought to myself, "Why did I show up at just the right time...and in a place I seldom come?" Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Who really knows? I do know that as I left the pharmacy I was engulfed with an inner feeling of joy and gratitude for having been there when someone needed me. - Susan Jeffers"

Friends, how do you feel about Susan's experience? I am sure each one of us (except Jain of course) wants to an angel, to be in the White Book of God, but are we working for that?

Love all, hate none. Help others as it is God helping others through you.

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